Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Hey hey hey, my beautiful friends and welcome to our new briny salty members...this is just a quick bum pinch and a love note past in the class of this week...and what a week! BIGSHOUT and hooray and so mucho love to all you LATITUDE & CAMP BESTIVAL buddies, performers, organisers and so many mates...all i can say is WOW what a blinding and inspiring weekend...The full fat full cream moon lit up amazing gigs from so many of you...JON MOORE COLDCUT, HOWARD MARKS, JOHN COOPER CLARKE, IRVINE WELSH, PHIL JUPITUS, TIM WELLS, SOPHIE PARKIN, NIALL O'SULLIVAN, AOIFFE MANNIX, AISLE 16 ET AL, TEMPEST, SUZANNE VEGA, NICHOLAS HOGG, GAUTAM MALKANI, ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER, TIM TURNBULL, & MARTHA WAINWRIGHT...So too many to name check here but you know who you are and we had a lovely drinky and we know where you live...thankyou for all the after show cider and bundles. I got battered and had the time of my life travelling the waist of England, Suffolk to Dorset....what a wonderful adventure! As you know SALTPETER are on a little break because PETER COYTE is off doing the edinburgh festival, completing the wickedly naughty musical for POT NOODLE...clearly its going to be fucking HUGE...check out this review: Whilst PETER is away the mice will play...the rest of the band, THEOLONIUS MONIAK, D'ZZEE DORAY & SALENA JONESIN' GODDEN have created a 3-legged dog playfully named SALTPEANUTS...we have been rehearsing reworked acoustic jazz versions of SALTPETER tracks PLUS new songs too. You can hear the debut of SALTPEANUTS at THE SECRET GARDEN PARTY FESTIVAL (JULY 24-27) We are doing about 4 slots over the weekend so you cannot miss us: The Come & Play stage, Antics Arena and also The Super Star Super Jam on the Centre Camp stage. SALTPEANUTS will also cover the SALTPETER Sunday slot gig at STANDON FESTIVAL (AUG 1-3) Lastly this just came in...last year i recorded a track for the APPLES & SNAKES TWO FIVE charity album thingymajig and here is a video of us working on it in the studio...if you ever wanted to see what it looks like when musicians and poets collide and collaborate off-stage then have a peep at this! OK off to rehearse SALTPEANUTS...whilst my washing spins out all the grass stains and moon juice out of my brain ready to do it all again next weekend...SEE YOU AT THE SECRET GARDEN PARTY FESTIVAL...lovelovelovelifelivealivelongtime salenaxxx

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