Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Poem / Titanic


I used to love the film Titanic
The last 45 minutes or so
After the sex scene in the car
When the sea water starts to flow

The sinking ship
All slopping and swaying
The band how they
Bravely keep on playing

A man dressing up
As a girly waif
To hide in a boat
And get himself safe

The human catastrophe
The chaos, panic and drama
I used to love that film,
Titanic, the melodrama

But now it just looks
Like the Channel 4 news
People grabbing for life jackets
No coats and no shoes

Now I'm just reminded
Of the plight of refugees
All the immigrants 
Drowning in the open seas

People hungry and cold
In overcrowded boats
Crying for help
With salt burned throats

There's a Syrian Leo
And Kate the Kurd
I used to like Titanic
But now it seems absurd

And My love will go on
Is such a terrible song
I used to like Titanic
But no, never, Celine Dion.

(c) Salena Godden / 2016

New Versions / May 2017

Titanic performed on Clive Anderson's 'Loose Ends' BBC Radio 4

'Titanic' performed on 'We Belong Here' BBC TV  - archive on youtube 

Hello, how are you?

Thank you to all who made it to L'Escargot last Wednesday. My special Soho solo show was a sell out. I performed for almost two hours, reading work in progress, new poems, new excerpts from my new projects and then old festival favourites. Thank you to The Bundy Brothers for supporting and warming up the room. Thank you to Stephen Colegrave for talking me into doing such a thing. The room was packed and the cocktails flowed. I read this poem TITANIC and it went down well (haha! splash!) and so I thought I would share it here on my blog today.

Tomorrow we all must use our VOTE. 
We must speak up for unity and equality and make a stand. I feel that in these times of uncertainty that anything that promotes building walls and borders and making people more separate and alienated is unhealthy. Now more than ever we are stronger together, united, so I will be voting for us to stay IN the EU.   

Last night Nikesh Shukla started the hashtag #proudtobeachildofanimmigrant trending on twitter. I am a child of immigrants and I am proud of that. I am proud of our mixed and colourful country. Go on twitter and read the #proudtobeachildofanimmigrant tweets, they are so positive among all the racist bitterness and fear mongering rhetoric around the EU debate.

I'm going to Amsterdam tomorrow to perform at Bimhuis for Spoken Beat Night, a night of poetry and jazz improvisation and I will be spending my birthday weekend in Holland. Earlier this month I was in Berlin working on the 'Cahier Africain' documentary, a feature film documentary about war crimes in Central Africa Republic, produced by award winning German director Heidi Specogna. The film will be released later this year, here is the vimeo trailer:  

Truth is, I fear that if we left the EU, working in other European cities and moving and performing freely will become a thing of the past. Doing poetry, gigs and writing jobs in Europe will be a massive ball-ache of paperwork and bureaucracy, so there's another fine reason I think we should REMAIN. 

In other news, this month, my short story 'Blue Cornflowers' was shortlisted for the #B4ME 4thEstate and Guardian prize, the winner will be announced on the 27th June. It will be wonderful to have this story published, the content and theme of this work is important to me,  you'll have to wait until the 27th to read it, but it is brilliant to see it included on this shortlist. Thank you! 

I have loads of gorgeous events and festivals coming up this summer. Please scroll down for the list, I hope to see you in a field sitting on a hay bale sharing some cider with me sometime and soon, 

Keep Fighting The Good Fight

With love, Salena xx 


gigs, parties, festivals, coming up...

June 23rd: Spoken Beat Night, Bimhuis, Amsterdam

June 29th: Soapbox Poetry, The John Peel Centre, Stowmarket

July 9th: The Roundhouse, Camden, London

July 23rd: Festival 23  

August 4th: William Morris Gallery, London

August 18th: Neu Reekie, Edinburgh International Book Festival

September 2-4th: Churchtown, Cornwall

October tbc: Cheltenham Literary Festival

October 12-15: Durham Literary Festival

October 19th: Manchester Literary Festival

BRAKES Premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival Friday June 17th


NewBookNews, Summer 2016
Three exciting and diverse new anthologies!

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