Monday, 13 November 2017

FILM / FEARS taken from Mrs Death Misses Death now on youtube...

'Fears' from 'Mrs Death Misses Death'
New work in progress by Salena Godden with music composed by Peter Coyte
Film by Jordon Kennedy at Idle Work Factory

This NEW film features live footage of Salena Godden and Peter Coyte on stage performing at the Mrs Death Misses Death premiere, Last Word Festival, Roundhouse, London, June 2017. Thank you to all who attended this special one-off show. 

Mrs Death Misses Death is a new work in a progress, a collaboration of a fiction by Salena Godden with music by Peter Coyte. This is your life narrated by Mrs Death, excerpts from the private correspondence, daydreams, and diaries of Mrs Death. Mrs Death Misses Death is the life affirming kick up the ass you’ve been looking for, this is a rousing call to arms and a celebration of loving this life, this world, and our short time here.

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I know a lot of dead people now…”  Mrs Death 

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