Monday, 11 June 2018

Special one-off live performance of Mrs Death Misses Death at Blah's Big Weekend

Blahblahblah is excited to be able to support two established artists in developing brand new shows this year. Salena Godden and John Berkavitch. We’re offering a preview of both shows for one price – a double bill with an interval.

Salena Godden: Mrs Death Misses Death
Blah and spoken word alumni Salena Godden returns to our podium with Mrs Death Misses Death, a new major work in progress. Early drafts of this work were shared just once before, at a sold out show last year at Last Word Festival, The Roundhouse, June 2017.
Live on stage together, Mrs Death Misses Death, is a collaboration of poetry and fiction by Salena Godden with music and soundtrack by composer Peter Coyte. This work is a rousing call to arms and a celebration of loving this life and our short time here. 
Salena Godden and Peter Coyte met and formed ska-punk-dub duo SaltPeter in 1997. This rare live performance marks the 21st year of this highly original and trailblazing partnership. A BBC documentary about Mrs Death Misses Death is in production, scheduled for broadcast later in 2018.

John Berkavitch: Pokeman G.O.A.T

John Berkavitch was never a gamer. He was a troll in gaming chat-rooms. But somehow, after becoming hooked on Pokemon Go, he has risen to the top 1% of players in the world. In this newly developed performance, John explores the inherent tribalism and toxicity of augmented reality through spoken-word poetry, immersive projection and physical contemporary circus as he attempts to become the very best. A story told through a combination of spoken word, poetry and immersive projection that draws on physical elements of contemporary circus performance. 

 TWO shows for ONE ticket!

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