Sunday, 18 November 2018

Mrs Death Misses Death | BBC Radio 4 | Broadcast December 2nd 4.30pm

Thank you to all that came to our sold out show Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate. We had a packed house and it was the perfect venue, warm crowd and ambience to share more  from this developing work Mrs Death Misses Death. We will be sharing more from this project in 2019, look out for it in theatres and festivals and more...  

"Salena Godden is one of the UK's foremost poets and known for the graphic power of her work. Mrs Death Misses Death is a new work in progress by Salena in which she personifies death as a woman. The work is a collaboration, a novel and an album, with fiction and poetry, and soundtrack composed with Peter Coyte.  

I know a lot of dead people now... Godden writes. Death is a reality few of us want to confront, so how do we talk about our mortality? Salena allows us to follow the development of this experimental new work from page to stage. Mrs Death Misses Death, she says, is not simply a book about death or dying, but about ritual, mourning and love, and ultimately, it's about celebrating this life, this world, and our short time here.”

'Pessimism is for Lightweights - 
13 pieces of courage and resistance' 
published by Rough Trade Books:

'Salena Godden LIVE at Byline Festival EP'  
out with Nymphs and Thugs:

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