Wednesday 22 April 2015

round up: reviews and gigs and radio and parties and festivals coming up....

a handy round up and spring clean

'Springfield Road' reviews...

Naomi Frisby: The Writes Of A Woman 
"What’s most compelling about Springfield Road is the warmth and love Godden infuses it with."

Iain Finlayson: The Times 
"Her writing is urgent and detailed, colourful and clamorous. Like all love stories, her memoir is intense and intimate." 

Debjani Hawkes: The Literateur 
“Throughout, Godden writes about a past that is at once deeply personal yet also belongs to the everyman figure; her descriptions of childhood are simultaneously timeless and yet rooted in a particular period of British history…”

 Amy Crofts: Opus Independents / Now Then Magazine 
"One aspect of the book that I feel worked really well was the juxtaposition of chapters written from adult Salena’s perspective, bringing the reader out of the past and into the modern day, and hearing her thoughts on the process of writing the very pages we have been reading. The beauty of her writing makes it easy to forget that we are not reading a novel, but someone’s true life story and hearing her struggles about getting it down on paper somehow mange to round the whole thing out, and give it a satisfying dimension." 

Polly Trope: Indie Berlin 
“The tale is rich with reflections on memory and tradition, presence and absence, relatives and the past… I don’t know why, but I sometimes felt like I was prying on Salena, but it’s a book, a published book, and I was offered it.”

Sophie Parkin: 3am Magazine 
"Springfield Road wasn’t really about Hastings, it’s not just about a place or time, it’s about feeling. It’s about tracing a lost love and finding out about a man she never knew; her father and growing up with a very slim replacement in the North of England. It could be a misery memoir, with the easy racism of the 70’s, the brutality of adults and the thoughtlessness of children, but the innocent joy that is picked out because of the way Salena sees the world makes the prose full of poetry and beautifully turned phrases. Salena can write you into a child’s heart and out of the mouth of a teenager’s inquisitive nature." 

Lee Bullman: Loud and Quiet Magazine 
"Springfield Road’s prose wavers effortlessly throughout, from tender poignancy to raw, gritty realism and this lovely book serves to remind us that however much the world has changed in the last forty years, in many ways it is still exactly the same."

press and publishing...

Interview with Alan Bett in The Skinny

Interview with author Paul McVeigh
Interview with author Vanessa Gebbie

Excerpt 'First Kiss' published in Ape Magazine

Poetry: 'Billie' published in The Pool

Erotic Short Story 'Dirty Pigeons' published by The Pigeonhole

radio highlights... 
In conversation with Neil Denny / Little Atoms

All Things Considered with Arun Rath / NPR

Culture Studio with Janice Forsyth / BBC Scotland

Loose Ends with Clive Anderson and Arthur Smith / BBC Radio 4 

Poetry: 'Here's a poem about space' / BBC World Service

More archives, BBC radio,  interviews: 

spring-summer 2015 
gigs, parties and festivals

April 23: The Pool launch party, London

April 26: Changing Britain, The Southbank

April 28: Inside, L'escargot Soho, London

May 2: Blah's Big Weekend, The Bristol Old Vic

May 7: Chill Pill, The Albany, London

May 9: Writing On The Wall Festival, Liverpool

May 13: For Books Sake, Erotica Book Launch Party, London

May 15: Talking Liberties, The British Library, London

May 15:  Late at the library: Tongue Fu with Saul Williams, British Library

May 26: How The Light Gets In, Hay-On-Wye

May 30: Poetry Reincarnation, The Roundhouse, London

June 2: Word, Y Theatre, Leicester

June 5-7: Stoke Newington Literary Fest

June 18: London Short Story Festival

June 19-21: Salon, Also Festival, Warwickshire

July 11: Unbound Books, Cornbury Festival, Oxford

July 18-19: Lovebox, London

July 22: Jawdance, Apples and Snakes, Rich Mix, London

July 31: Ways With Weirds, Port Eliot Festival

August 14-16: Green Gathering, Wales

August 21: Edinburgh International Book Festival 

September 4-6: Festival No.6, Portmerion, Wales

October: US tour, road trip, bluegrass festivals, book fairs...




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