Wednesday 3 January 2018

Happy New Year! Pessimism is for lightweights at the Arnolfini

'Pessimism is for lightweights' by Salena Godden at the Arnolfini Art Gallery

Pessimism is for lightweights 
is up at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol,
please do share a pic if you see it, spread the word!
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Think of those that marched this road before
And those that will march here in years to come
The road in shadow and the road in the sun
The road before us and the road all done
History is watching us and what will we become

There is power and strength in optimism
To have faith and to stay true to you
Because if you can look in the mirror
And have belief and promise you
Will share wonder in living things
Beauty, dreams, books and art
Love your neighbour and be kind
And have an open heart

Then you're already winning at living
You speak up, you show up and stand tall
It's silence that is complicit
It's apathy that hurts us all
Pessimism is for lightweights

There is no straight white line
It's the bumps and curves and obstacles
That make this time yours and mine
Pessimism is for lightweights
Pessimism is for lightweights
This road is never easy and straight
And living is all about living alive and lively
And love will conquer hate

(c) Salena Godden. Arnolfini version. January 2018

NEW book for 2018: Others - writers on difference

Currently being crowdfunded and published by Unbound with all net profits going to refugees and stop hate charities. It will be a collection of essays, stories and poetry on the theme of being 'Other' I will be joining other-others in a spectacular line up that includes Leila Aboulela, Gillian Allnutt, Damian Barr, Noam Chomsky, Rishi Dastidar, Peter Ho Davies, Louise Doughty, Salena Godden, Colin Grant, Sam Guglani, Matt Haig, Aamer Hussein, Anjali Joseph, AL Kennedy, Joanne Limburg, Tiffany Murray, Sara Nović, Edward Platt, Alex Preston, Tom Shakespeare, Kamila Shamsie, Will Storr... If you were a fan of my work in The Good Immigrant you might like this book too. I'm so happy to continue the conversation #Wetickother  - Please make a pledge and help get this book into print by ordering your hardback copy today!  Follow hashtag #Othersbook 

So that was 2017...

I begin this new year with new hope. New brush sweeps clean. Fresh page in a crisp new notebook. We learn and we grow. We keep taking up space. Keep making noise. Speak up and stand up for each other. As for new years resolutions, personally, I won't join a gym I never use or pretend to give up carbs and wine. I do however start the new year with gratitude and thanks to The Society Of Authors and Anna Freeman and Richard Jones at BlahBlahBlah who have offered their support and given me the gift of time to make new work. It is a huge boost to me to have this help, vital for my confidence and the isolation of doing the job of writing. I'll be away working and writing for the rest of winter. I have some enormous challenges ahead, ambitious projects, exciting collaborations and events in the pipeline for 2018 ... but I'll tell you all about that in a later post. Thank you for your support and for subscribing to Waiting For Godden. See you in springtime my friends!  

Happy New Year! xxsg

'Blackbird' by Salena Godden, published in 'Fishing In The Aftermath' by - We have some signed copies in stock here at Salena's Bookshoppe >

photo: Salena Godden and Bishi   

Are you in NYC on January 11th?
Bishi's song cycle based on The Good Immigrant 

'BISHI: The Good Immigrant'
Artist residency at National Sawdust in New York
show premieres: January 11th 2018

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