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International Women's Day, March 2021 #IWD2021

Join us to celebrate International Women’s Day on Monday 8th March, despite things not feeling particularly celebratory these days. But perhaps these things matter all the more in our restricted lives — to raise our voices together, however we can, to shout about our work, our achievements, our experiences. 

I'm looking forward to joining the wonderful Rough Trade Books and Forum Bookshop on an extravaganza of an all-woman online event that we hope will bring a little bit of hope to your screens. I'm so excited to be part of this super special line up! There will be excellent poetry and prose and performance from Martha Sprackland, Briony Bax, Jen Calleja, Ren Aldridge, Charlotte Newman and Sheena Patel - And then we’ll finish with a conversation with the incredible Wendy Erskine and Salena Godden - Woah! I'm so looking forward to chatting with Wendy!

FREE event begins online at 7pm!

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Also here's a juicy bonus for International Women's Day I will be chatting with my beautiful friend, the inspirational composer and violinist Anna Phoebe on the radio - So keep an ear out for our tweets and other social media for more about that on the actual day . . .  

Mrs Death Misses Death

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The anthology will include contributions from OWN IT! family: Kevin George

Salena GoddenAshley Hickson-LovenceJermain Jackman

Kirsty Latoya and Quincy The Comedian....

Mrs Death Misses Death

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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Mrs Death Misses Death - February's news, reviews and events


Mrs Death Misses Death is really real now with a huge amount of press already running, on air, in print and online, including a flood of rave reviews and blog pieces. All of this feels very surreal to me. My debut novel was published just three weeks ago - January 28th - As Mrs Death says, Time is a trickster, so to capture some of this time, here's some social media and press highlights and here's some love and thank you's, all of these stunning responses I share today with so much appreciation and gratitude. 

Thank you to all who made it to the recent online launch events with The Idler and Rough Trade. Thank you Idler family and thank you to Rough Trade and Gemma Cairney. If you missed any of this, don't worry, you can always catch up with The Idler on Facebook and the Rough Trade event will be podcast later this month. 

Scroll down for your invitations to two more hot online shows coming up with love from my bunker to yours - To round off this month I’m looking forward to being virtually in Scotland to read and share some Mrs Death Misses Death for the amazing Paisley Book Festival, and also cannot wait to take Mrs Death on a Journey to Nutopia with Ru and Claire and The Green Funeral Company, with host Michelle Olly and The Cockpit Theatre...

Thanks so much to Simon Savidge

Mrs Death Misses Death review for Frank Magazine 

Simon's support has been amazing from day one...

Watch SavidgeReads amazing book review channel here

Thank you to Garry Bushell, The Daily Mirror!!

               Mrs Death Misses Death 

                is a Love Reading Debut of the Month

Read more here, with thanks to Liz Robinson

Meanwhile news came in from France: My friends Willy and Olivia picked up a copy of #MrsDeathMissesDeath from the legendary Shakespeare & Co - And so although we are all on lockdown, they sent these pictures so I get to see a real Shakespeare & Co. stamp next to my real name in a real book I wrote that happens to feature in a future dream sequence of finding this very book in that very same bookshop in Paris in a future time while being here in London in lockdown in present day 2021!! Miracles!! Magic!! Dream come true!! Thank you!!

Thank you to Waterstones who are supporting brilliantly with an exclusive blog piece and also sharing a short video of a reading of the beginning of the book!


Beautiful piece in Bookmuse, thank you so much

Read the full piece by Catriona Troth here

Amazing review in Caught By The River,
Thank you Wendy Erskine!!Read more here

Please join us from 

the safety of your sofa, 

for online gigs and podcasts 

and BBC radio shows 

BBC London Inspirit with Jumoke Fashola

BBC 6 Music with Lauren Laverne

BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking

BBC Radio 4 Loose Ends

BBC Radio 5 with Nihal Arthanayake 

RTB, Soho Radio with Max Porter & Will Burns

Backlisted Podcast - Episode 132 

Chiltern Voice Book Club with Antonia Honeywell


“A thought-provoking novel that travels across time and place to question the value of life, the experiences of womanhood, and grief in all its forms.”

The Observer


“Celebratory and life-affirming, aglow with love, fortitude and compassion.”

Mail on Sunday


“Lyrical, abstract and utterly original.”



“A defining, animating force”

Daily Mail


“Lyrical, powerful and definitely one you need to read”



“Unusual and thought-provoking”

Daily Mirror


“Godden’s writing bypasses tired adages, zooming in on specifics that become loaded and devastating … Comparisons can easily be drawn to Max Porter’s remarkable debut Grief Is the Thing with Feathers and, closer to home, Mark O’Connell’s Notes from an Apocalypse, Doireann Ní Ghríofa’s A Ghost in the Throat, and Dennis O’Driscoll’s devastating poem Someone. … Mrs Death Misses Death is both a balm to a bad year and a reassuring accompaniment to a new one.”

Irish Times


“Will no doubt be appearing on Books of the Year lists eleven months from now”

Caught By The River


“Unlike any other book I’ve ever read … I will be shouting from my window to anyone who can hear me; Mrs Death Misses Death is a masterpiece of modern literature.”

The F-Word


“Both playful and sobering, witty and smart. It made me laugh out loud and brought me up short. Hard to know what Godden might tackle after bringing her readers face to face with what we most want to avoid, but whatever it is I’ll be reading it.”

A Life in Books


“Unusual, musical, and a real pleasure to read: this is the first entry on my Best of 2021 shelf”

Bookish Beck

See you here and see you there,
thank you for all your support and kindness
thank you for sharing and reading this book 
thank you for helping me launch my first novel
thank you for connecting in the last pages
stay safe, stay sound, stay human
BIGlove sgxx