Tuesday 9 October 2012

A Love Poem To Autumn from London by Godden & Reid

Dear Autumn,

You handsome man you,
all conker and russet,
you golden leafed hunk

You wet moist sea-mister,
salt-faced tide twister.
Tongue tingling whisky snifter

I want to run my fingers down your foggy cloak,
to kiss your damp mulchy mouth,
Autumn, you stain my heart blackberry

Blueberry, cloudberry, sloeberry
Howl every rooftop raw and
sing your rasping song to me

Your fat chestnuts take my breath away,
your yellowing corn,
pumpkin grin,

Apple crumble me,
with custard,
oh Autumn love

Light-up your smoke stacks,
turn the clock back,
leafcrunch the sodden tracks with me

For all summer long
I searched for your embrace,
soupy lover,

Oh my darling dumpling stew,
so butternut sweet
and spice

So brittle bark and fat woodlice.
You came back to wrap me round in warmth
and whisper tangy truths to me...

Our love is
the fireworks that
light up my sky,

Our harvest moon,
my autumn

Pumpernickel pumpkin,

Our love is the steeping, 
steaming, seeping 
down into the soil, 

sweet and sticky,
 my maple syrup, 
snailing trails.

Dear Autumn,
this love is a poem
that will go on…

A love letter-poem to Autumn written on twitter on October 8th 2012
 © Salena Godden & Rachel Rose Reid 2012

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