Wednesday 2 September 2015

New poem "The Bird and the Bee" for BBC Click and BBC World Service

The Bird and the Bee

Johnson built himself a drone
Took the camera from his phone
Attached it to a bee and drone
To watch the girl next door

Susie never knew the score
Or what that buzzing noise was for
She sunbathed topless, all galore
Took selfies by her pool

Johnson built himself a drone
A camera bee, hand-stitched and sewn
He wouldn’t leave that thing alone
To watch the girl next door

Susie sunbathes in midday heat
All oiled and tan and nude and neat
A friend is massaging her feet
As Susie sighs and moans

Johnson built himself a drone
A sticky surveillance of his own
He spends all summer in his shed alone
Watching the girl next door

Said Mrs Johnson, one day, at tea
I wish you’d spend some time with me
All you do all day is play with your bee
Johnson brushed her words away

When Susie has her friends to play
Some are straight but most are gay
Wild parties night and day
Mrs Johnson slips next door

Poor Johnson didn’t know the score
Or what that buzzing noise was for
Mrs Johnson, topless, all galore
With Susie by the pool

Johnson watching from his shed
By the pool, the newly weds
I do, said she, I do, she said
You may kiss the brides

Johnson could not believe his eyes
The happy couple, champagne, bow ties,
Through a hole in the fence he spies
His bee drone floating in their pool

Johnson builds himself a life
Whittles candle wax with a knife
Adds hair and DNA from his ex wife
Johnson builds himself a clone.

© Salena Godden. 2015

Poem written on theme of drones for “The Drones Are Coming”  on BBC Click Radio
and broadcast live from BBC Radio Theatre, BBC World Service, September 1st 2015. This episode covered civilian uses for drones, positive, creative and imaginative use of drones. I chose to write about voyeurism, but this programme also featured John Cale's innovative musical drone orchestra and using drones to drop seeds to plant more trees ... find out more on BBC iplayer!

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