Wednesday 13 January 2016

Poem / The Day David Died

The Day David Died

I cried
And wrote his lyrics
In the sand
I looked up at the sky
Feeling every thing
I wished for so many things
The day David died
I cried
And all the words he wrote
Got caught up in my throat
And hurt inside my chest
David Bowie
Oh you pretty thing!
He was like the six former
You never dared to kiss
He was a voice I loved
A presence that made me glad
Some bright colour
And some light
In a predictable world
All my heroes...
Too many to mention
But I'll cry for them too
And how I cried for Gil Scott Heron
Because it's not about the loss
The tears are not for love is lost
I cry for what was found and tried
His innovation and creation
That is why I cried
The day that David died
I was sixteen
All over again
Sucking on a bucket bong
Listening to Hunky Dory
I was transported
Though my life time
Cherished memories
The soundtrack of teenage rebellion
That is why I cried
The day David died
I cried for all those years past
And all that crazy happiness
My favourite fuck ups
Punctuated by those songs
Headlined by that star
And so I sing to the ocean
"Viva David"
"Long live Black Star"
David Jones is gone
But Bowie lives on
The ocean washes
This poem away
"We can be heroes
Just for one day"
But the sea and salt
Are as eternal as time
As sunrise
And sunset
I won't forget
How I cried
The day David

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