Wednesday 28 September 2016

'LIVEwire' my poetry album pre-order goes live and reviews and news from 'The Good Immigrant'


TODAY! You can now pre-order Salena Godden's hotly-anticipated 'LIVEwire' album on CD or download from Nymphs & Thugs Bandcamp site: Official release date October 7th! 

The album is a compilation of live and studio recordings, archives and brand new work. It features live material from the 2014 books, her literary childhood memoir 'Springfield Road' (Unbound) and 'Fishing in The Aftermath - Poems 1994-2014' (Burning Eye). 

N&T founder Matt Abbott commented, 'This is exactly the kind of album that I set out to release when I formed the label, and it's a real honour work with Salena. The hairs on my neck are still standing from the first time I saw her live - this album will blow your socks off from start to finish!'

Salena commented, ''LIVEwire' is a mix of raucous live performances, but also tender and quieter pieces that sometimes get hidden. I produced this work like a vinyl LP: the Daytrip A-side, the first half is for your headphone moments, then I invite you to turn it up and pour yourself a rum for a Dirty B-side.'

It's live and wired, it's LIVE and ALIVE, its LIVEwire.

Click here Nymphs and Thugs for more details!!


ct 26th OutSpoken Sabrina Mahfouz Book Launch

Nov 23rd Cadogan Hall with Hollie McNish 

Nov 30th Unity Words, Wakefield

Thank you for your valuable support for 
'The Good Immigrant'

WOW! It's been a phenomenal couple of weeks. 

The book was launched on September 22nd, it was such a wonderful, beautiful and joyous party. I have never seen so much good will for one book. There was so much love in the room. This month The Good Immigrant has been trending on twitter, we are currently number one in the Guardian bestsellers, and climbing up The Sunday Times Bestseller list. Collectively we have been on BBC and regional radio and BBC One Breakfast too. The Good Immigrant will be book of the week on BBC Radio 4 next month. There are events and happenings throughout the autumn and winter, at various festivals and up and down the UK, please follow editor and champion Nikesh Shukla for details and news as it comes in. If you already read it, please tweet us and help us to keep spreading the word! Hashtag #thegoodimmigrant 

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