Friday 7 October 2016

NEW poem: You're A Citizen Of Nowhere


You're A Citizen Of Nowhere

We did not vote for Mrs May
This harsh and xenophobic way

Black ice eyes, jaw clenched tight
Flying flags for the far right

All 'them' and 'us' and 'there' and 'here'
Here is May: Hate, spite and fear

Cruel winds do shake the darling fists of May
No tolerance or kindness on display

If you're a citizen of the world, you're a citizen of nowhere
Citizen of don't care, citizen of no welfare

Socrates spits on Number Ten
Drowned babies on Greek shores again

And there is May with her fat share
All 'us' and 'them' and 'here' and 'there'

Today it was decreed across the land
We make a list of names of foreign hand

Name and shame each foreigner in our midst
Just a bit like... Schindlers List

Separate rich and poor, black and white
Shaking hands with the far right

It's 'them' and 'us' and 'there' and 'here'
And words like 'foreign' loud and clear

Socrates spits at number ten
We are ALL citizens of the world. Amen

And citizens of the world we'll remain
We're star dust, salt and sand grain

We did not vote for Mrs May
They slipped her in to save their day

So disappointing that she chooses
The side of fear that always loses

Black ice eyes, her heart stone grey
We did not vote for Mrs May

We did not vote for Mrs May
We did not vote for you, Mrs May

(c) Salena Godden 
national poetry day 2016

Yesterday I was invited to perform at National Poetry Day Live at The Southbank Centre. The artist  and illustrator Chris Riddell drew these amazing pieces live on screen whilst I performed my poems.  Chris Riddell is brilliant, he is the Children's Laureate and award winning political cartoonist for the Observer, look at more of his work here: 

I read three poems: TITANIC and DIE WASP and a this new piece written especially for the day YOU'RE A CITIZEN OF NOWHERE in response to PM Theresa May saying 'If you're a citizen of the world, you're a citizen of nowhere' in her speech this week. A line so sinister, threatening and dark, it rings in my head even now typing this. 

As my friend the brilliant poet Jo Bell has said on her Facebook, now is  the time to MAKE SOME NOISE. Now is not the time to say I'm alright jack and sit pretty and say nothing. It is time to speak up and make some noise, this poem is me making some noise!! 

Gorgeous live performances of both DIE WASP and TITANIC are featured on my new album LIVEwire which is released TODAY with Nymphs and Thugs, available on CD, vinyl and digital download here: 

This weekend I'm performing at Cheltenham Lit Festival. I will have 50 limited editions of LIVEwire there, please come and find me at the bar to get your signed copy and to help me celebrate!  

TITANIC a poem about the humanitarian crisis we are all facing is on the BBC i-player this month as part of a new poetry season on BBC. 'We Belong Here' on your telly here:



March 25th 2017: 

This poem read at Parliament Square Protest, March for Europe

Video of the march and all the speeches here, this poem introduced at 3:09

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