Wednesday 29 November 2023

BOOK COVER REVEAL | 'With Love, Grief and Fury' & 'Springfield Road - A Poet's Childhood Revisited'




Both books published together on 

2 May 2024 | Canongate Books 

Pre-orders are available from today 

'With Love, Grief and Fury' by Salena Godden, 
beautiful cover design by Valeri Rangelow

With Love, Grief and Fury contains love poems, for people and the planet. Grief poems brimming with compassion, mourning what was and contemplating what could be. And poems of fire and fury that will kick some ass, tell the truth and inspire change and hope.

Over thirty years after she first stormed the UK poetry scene, the trailblazing and award-winning writer Salena Godden has produced her most audacious and definitive collection to date. Like a big sister’s arm around your shoulder, With Love, Grief and Fury is important and nourishing for the soul.



pre-orders available here 



Springfield Road - A Poets Childhood Revisited

This is the story of a home. A story rooted in love. The story of a poet born of an Irish jazz musician and a Jamaican go-go dancer, an absent father and a resilient mother.  

In Springfield Road, Salena Godden evokes an era when oranges seemed bigger and summers were longer, a world of half-penny sweets, free school milk, hand-me-downs and Thatcher’s Britain, for those too young to remember and for those old enough to know. For Salena, it was a time for learning that life can be brutal with first betrayals and first losses, but also that there are endless riches to be found in the world.  

In equal parts powerful, tender and fearless, Springfield Road shows us where, in a world full of shadows, the light is to be found.


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