Friday 5 March 2010


HELLO THERE TROOPS...I AM NOT SURE IF YOU CAN HEAR ME...HELLO? HELLO? IS ANYONE THERE? CAN I GET A WITNESS? WELL I MUST SOLDIER ON IN THE FAINTEST GLIMMER OF HOPE THAT SOMEONE OUT THERE HAS THIS CONNECTION AND WILL PASS ON THIS MISSIVE...THIS IS YOUR GENERAL SPEAKING...HALLELUIAH! BOOKS BOOZE & BOOGIE WOOGIE...BURN YOUR LAP TOP WHEN YOU HAVE READ THIS! FOR THE EYES OF BOOK CLUB BOUTIQUERS ONLY! 'Tis March a golden March dawn, frost upon the rooftops and a coppery light of earliest spring, upon the year of 2010. Who knows what is out there. Indeed who knows where we will end up or where we are heading. Who knows indeed? i love you though and if you can just for once hold on to that, just remember that perhaps we can brave all difficult and treacherous times. Please note: This will be my last transmission for a while, they are moving me to another barracks, a secret location, where the blighters will never find me! But God knows when the British Telecommunications Limited will give me a green light to enable me to transmit to you again. Urgent news - it has come to my attention that we have to go to Wonderland tomorrow, i rest assured that the troops will fight as we always have with valiance and with truth on our side. The truth is our love for books, booze and boogie-woogie, the basic needs of any boutiquer, man, woman or child and meddling with these things is an infringement of anything decent, just and indeed fun. And so it has come to this! In this glorious modern age of 2010 we will deliver tomorrows LOST IN FAIRYTALES? GO ASK ALICE! event totally acoustic. It's a cruel war experiment. However we are fully confident that the spirit of Book Club Boutique was never in the volume, never the plugs and never the wires...the true spirit of The Book Club Boutique is in each of us, in all you beautiful people, the books, the booze and the boogie-woogie is within us all, one and all! Please do bring acoustic things, tamborines and drums and your strongest singing voices for our united finale of Sha-boom Sha-boom for when we 'MAKE LIGHT' we will make it together, with our bellies, with our lungs and with our hearts....SHA...BOOM! SHA...BOOM BOOM BOOM... The disguise for tomorrow's event - DRESS CODE: ALICE IN WONDERLAND. How many Alice's will we get i wonder that will confuse the snipers! This does make the General smile, indeed and how many will dress as White Rabbits...white rabbits...white rabbits....some pills make you smaller...and some pills make you tall...but the pills that mother gives you...don't do anything at all....go ask Alice when she's ten feet tall....FEED YOUR HEAD....FEED YOUR HEAD....FEED YOUR HEAD........!!!!! LOSING TRANSMISSION NOW....ONLY ONE LAST REQUEST....HOPE SOMEONE CAN READ THIS....DOES ANYONE KNOW THE GRAMOPHONE BOYS....FROM STANDON CALLING FESTIVAL? DOES ANYONE KNOW THE NICE LADS THAT PLAY GRAMOPHONE RECORDS...IF YOU KNOW THEM??? The ones who play gramophone records....brass hats....gin.....ASK THEM TO CONTACT BRIGADIER RACHEL RAYNER OR WING COMMANDER ALI TOD...OR MAJOR MAX DORAY....WE COULD...USE... GRAMOPHONE....RECORDS...COUGH COUGH....GRAMOPHONE IS STILL ACOUSTIC....practically.....PLANE GOING DOWN...GRAMOPHONE LADS...SEEK THEM....TELL THEM WE NEED THEM...GRAMOP...RECORDS....INSTEAD...practically acoustic isn't it? SPLUTTER....GOODBYE TROOPS...SEE YOU IN WONDERLAND...remember i love you, remember...i will see you in the trenches, i will see you on the sofas, i will see you in the backroom of Wonderland...EAT ME! General G xxx

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