Saturday 24 April 2010


Good Morning BCB troops, good morning indeed, upon this fine April morn in the year of our lord twenty ten upon the green, green land of England Town, Now, I do hope you can all hear this missive as it is being dictated aloud and typed live on air by my kind doctor who has the nerve for such things, Good morning, Oh i already did say that, now where was I, ah yes, April and the troops... Dear troops, It is still April! Hurrah, I keep thinking i is later in the life of loving long and living life alive, but i am mistaken, for we are still young and it is still spring. Summer is not here yet, this section is named spring, because of the spring it puts in your step and the bounce in your bed and the curl in your tail, but before we know it, summers frightful war will be upon us and we will need to be prepared, armed and forewarned, with strawberries and fizzy drinks, ready for battle upon the beer tents and trenches of frenzied and fried festivality, I was in the bunker yesterday for secret mission talks. Viewing site maps and overhead plans for the STANDON CALLING festival, whereupon twas remarked that the troops had not heard word from the General for quite a while and that it might rouse morale. So, Well, Here i am, your General at your service and i can tell you, the organisationals for STANDON CALLING festival go swimmingly, i confirm that on the weekend of our lordy AUGUST 6-9TH the BCB will be at the lush green fields of Standon with the BCB's own stage and bar area, that's 72 hours, 3 days of programming and hosting BCB at STANDON CALLING..our line-ups to be announced shortly! All BCB Festival news will be updated as it comes in and can be seen here: From the BCB Fortress, the doctor has alerted me that as a BCB army we are over two thousand fold! Perusing the profile images i see so many new faces! So many sexy faces, kissable faces, cheeky cheeky faces, hauntingly beautiful faces, mysteriously alluring faces, take-me-roughly faces and god damn it i am grown up and demand fun faces - and i take this opportunity to welcome you to the Book Club Boutique, you are in the right place and you are welcome in this, the home of all things books, booze and boogie-woogie. Currently the General, which is me, writes to you from the BCB fortress where i am generally in hiding for the month of April. There is much to do, I have been making headway on new writings, filling in applications, writing proposals, editing and completing my first year working for FIRST STORY charity and booking the summers festivals and missions. I have also been rehearsing my bayonnet and growing my own tomatoes. I planted some forget-me-knots lest we forget, amen... Here it is so peaceful in peacetime, the silence of planes overhead has been quite eerie, volcanic ash? did you see what we did there? yes, quite, but the volcano was the only way, there was no other way, you have to make these kind of decisions sometimes and God and Queen knows it was the best shot we had, it was the volcano or else - and we send best of British luck to all and hope they get home to their families and homesteads soon. Each morning the doctor draws my bath, brings me my tea and then reads to me a selection of your correspondemails - Thank you! Such warm responses have been pertaining to the wireless transmissions on the BBC Radio 4's 'Saturday Live' its always a great challenge to write poetry within the time limit and within the themes, keeps your noodles on their toes and your toes in the noodles so to speak....In fact, as i write this, i am tuned in, hearing Wing Commander Luke Wright in action - jolly bloody good show old boy! Did you know Luke Wright has his own imprint NASTY LITTLE PRESS and that there will be a slim copy of my very own poems published by aforementioned publishers next year. Later this summer we will also see a collection of my short fictions published by the uber-hip Trolley Books too. As for the memoir 'Springfield Road' we have no idea what the Gods intend for the publishing of that work. I can only thank you for all your kindnesses when i did read from it at the last BCB at Blacks, the memory and memoir event, that was terrific and i appreciate your comments. Maggie Gee and Ray Shell and Hannah Pool and Bloodaxe and all that performed I salute thee! I also salute the crew of WIYART and MERCY for that wonderful event at Shoreditch Church earlier this month, it is always a thrill to be on the bill alongside the divine David J, Nathan Jones and Ross Sutherland and the likes. When will we return to Soho? Ah yes, thank you doctor, i forgot that question, this is the burning question, this is the one i be asked a great many times a day, when will BCB return to Soho? Well - the short answer is very soon...We have something up our sleeves, a place in Sohemia, where books, booze and boogie-woogie will occur, perhaps monthly, throughout the summer. It is perfect, darling, there is a stage for the performings, and decks for the vinyl appreciations and a bar and the bar has many drinks like gin and vodka and wine and beer and ice cubes...but not vodka ice-cubes i am afraid they are only available here in the BCB fortress. Oh yes, thank you doctor, The Book Club Boutique newspaper, it is currently being is taking longer than expected, seeking funding, but rest assured all submitted work most this space! The doctor is so kind, the staff here are wonderful, very accommodating...but now i must bid you adieu and water my rocket seedlings and talk to my tomato plants. Today is a brave new spring day for all, it is still April and it is still today, the doctor has assured me it is still today - but we all know tomorrow there will be tent, there will be hay bale, there will cider and there will be men in bright green and orange waistcoats asking 'wristband?' 'wristband?' and we will swerve them and climb commando style through the hedges to pee, and they will chase us saying 'wristband?" 'wristband!' and we will not know of what they speak and run freely among the cabbages and chai tea cup cake stalls to the dawn chorus of loving-living-lively-alive-o! The doctor will now attach a list below of some of the aforementioned links and other places of interest you might like to visit during your time on the interwebage. toodle pip! doctor thank you for your typings now peel me a grape and massage my bayonnet arm it aches like bugger... Yours Sincerely and Generally, General G xxx * First Story fosters creativity, literacy and talent in young British students by supporting acclaimed authors to run creative writing projects in schools. * So we can all spot each other in the frenzy of festival life we have launched our own brand of luxury Book Club Boutique goods; T-shirts, hooded tops, mugs, aprons for the messes and book bags here: * Adopt a Word? It's a great campaign, for the I-CAN charity giving individuals the opportunity to buy and exclusively own a piece of the English language - see * Nasty Little Press brings you new work from poets best known for their live performances. Pamphlets already available from Luke Wright and John Osborne: *Trolley Books is an award winning independent UK publisher of brilliant art and photography books: * MERCY & WIYRT doctor, darling, please, peel me a grape and massage my bayonnet arm it aches like buggery...

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