Friday 29 January 2010

a word from your General upon the eve of battle...

Good Morning Ladies and Englishmen and Good evening to our men in the Australiasia and have lovely lunch our allies in The New Yorker and 欢迎我亲爱的朋友 to our Chinese brethren and bienvenue à mon cher ami... Hello to all! I'm writing you this missive upon the eve of the first Book Club Boutique for 2010 and the debut at Blacks on Dean Street Soho. I have noted that our troops have swelled and to all new faces i take this opportunity to welcome you most warmly. It has come to my attention that one is putting together another newspaper, excellent, the deadline is MARCH 1ST. please submit work CC'ed to: very important! i remembered last years almighty rush of submissions took 3 of us to read and sort out and i am very much your man for the poetry page anyway...good-o. Been receiving much post about entry fees and memberships so i shall clear that up now. No you don't have to be a member of Blacks to join us. Yes we will be charging on the door. We always wanted BCB to be free, so any pocket money will be spent on comics and sweets, books, booze and weapons of mass inspiration, clearly. However performers must be paid - i believe we produced over 40 shows in 2009 for free and i cannot expect my fellow authors and poets to entirely give up their Saturdays in the name of the best salon in town forever ever, ever ever, ever ever...where did that echo come from? Entry Fee starts at £7.00 thence you will be given a numbered membership card which is very slick and you must keep very safe. The next time you visit us if you show your card it will only be £5. Also at the end of each BCB there will be 3 numbers drawn out of a hat and those 3 lucky membership numbers will receive a goody bag of CD's, books and signed beer mats etcetera from the worlds greatest poets, authors and performers. How does that sound? Also BCB Members will have treats and discounted VIP entry to other events later in the summer. Jolly bloody ticketty boo and three cheers for that! Oh yes and tomorrow we have an addition to the launch bill - ORLANDO SEALE will be playing live with his handsome crew of well fit gorgeousness so pucker up ladies and get down the front for that. What a killer line-up! My dear fellows, i will salute thee in the trenches as we go over the top and into the battlefields, i expect tomorrows war to be outright, bloody and glorious, fight bravely my valiant friends and fight on! Together we are books, we are booze and God and the Queen bless us all, for we are boogie-woogie! I must go and lie down now and mentally prepare for tomorrows dawn raid, remember, your General needs YOU! live. life. love. long. alive-o General Godden JAN 30TH: BOOK CLUB BOUTIQUE AT BLACKS. 3PM DRESS CODE: KILTS BCB MENU SPECIAL: HAGGIS RAY SHELL, NIKESH SHUKLA, STUART EVERS, KIM SHERWOOD, SOPHIE WOOLLEY, KATE TEMPEST, SALENA GODDEN. DJ REDMAN. 'NASTY LITTLE PRESS' 'WHAT IF MEN BURST IN WEARING BALACLAVAS' JOHN OSBORNE, LUKE WRIGHT, HANNAH WALKER, LAURA DOCKRILL, CLAIRE NICOLSON, ORLANDO SEALE, THE BOOK CLUB BOUTIQUE BAND & DJ DAN CARRIER! ITS BEGINNING...ITS BEAUTIFUL...ITS BOOKS, BOOZE & BOOGIE-WOOGIE! BOOOOOTIQUE! Ooh and thanks to DC! We got a right lovely write-up preview:

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