Monday 2 August 2010


A LETTER FROM THE GENERAL DELIVERED VIA EAGLE UPON THE EVE OF THE AUGUST OFFENSIVE TO THE BATTLE OF STANDON IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD TWENTY TEN: For the eyes of Boutique Army only, please burn your lap top and poke your eyes with pencils after reading: Dearest troops, Following the battle of the Fort of Port Eliot they did me a mischief and did manage to capture me once more! I cannot believe my bad luck! This time they have me under lock and key up some mountain in a Godforsaken place they call The Peak District. I am sure its a cover up and that them mountains are made of cardboard! I am surrounded by purplish and green hills and paper mache sheep. i know these sheep and believe they are the same ones from last time! I have very little time to write this missive before they do cut me off by the goolies and sense the signal...I have managed to get a signal by dangling this lap top out of my cell barred window and attaching it to the wings of a duck...but while i have signal i must say 'twas an awesome battle we did fight upon the barricades of St Germans! Port Eliot was amazing! Thank you and hurrah to all Port Eliots! You who were so kind and generous in spirit and body and soul and cider and hay. I thank you for all the kind words which have reached me via code, via pigeon and telepathically, thank you, we loved the Port Eliot too, so many fine shows were seen, such wonderful poets, authors and musicians, oh how i love thee all. I have a bunk bed and a cell not much bigger than a tea bag box where i do share bunkers with Dockers, otherwise known as Ms Laura Dockrill to you. They also captured the brilliant author Nii Parkes who is down the corridor from us. We have been up with the larks to climb mountains with our bare hands and we have drank from rivers - a copper taste meets upon the tongue with a hint of heather and gorse weeds - At the peak we looked down into a rainbow and were not without praise for this creation and the spinning earth that is this planet upon which we fight for freedom of books and booze and boogie woogie. I have no idea how long they plan to keep me inside this time. As you know the next battle is that of THE STANDON CALLING FESTIVAL on the AUGUST 6TH, 7TH & 8TH...our soliders for this are fearless, our barricade strong, our fortress without holes and our army is almighty, we will see you there, my love, we will fight and we will dance, we will sing hurrah for books and booze and boogie woogie and we will have the most wonderful weekend of it at the Bonnie and Clyde speakeasy! Your disguise should be that of cigar chewing moll or gangster or cop! Do you have your papers and passes for this weekends battle sorted and your disguises and uniforms ready? Boots polished and guns greased? Are you ready to hide out and lay low at our tasty crime themed speakeasy literary extravaganza at Standon Calling festival! Only 5 days to go! We'll be there, disguised as whiskey sipping gangsters, Bonnie and Clyde, baby, prohibition has never been sexier! oh cuff me! When you come by the Book Club Boutique Speakeasy at Standon Calling you can have your very own mug shot taken! We'll be booking 'em, hauling 'em in, and posting you and all your cronies on our very own Wanted page. Styling tips? Check out these glamour-pusses: And what an almighty army we have too, this will be one magnificent and glorious 3-day books, booze and boogie-woogie extravaganza - check out the line-up! AUTHORS & POETS: SARA STOCKBRIDGE; AMBER MARKS; RAY SHELL; SALENA GODDEN; AMAH-ROSE MCKNIGHT; DAVID J; NIALL O'SULLIVAN; KATE TEMPEST; XAVIER LERET; OLI SPLEEN; KIM SHERWOOD; NIKESH SHUKLA; STUART EVERS; MOLDEVIANT; KAREN HAYLEY LIVE MUSIC: THE BOOK CLUB BOUTIQUE BAND FEATURING THE NEW YORK CHIC OF MS MAX DORAY & THE LEGENDARY COBALT STARGAZER SUPER STARRING: JONT; LISA LORE; CLAIRE NICOLSON; TRASHMONEY; PINK NARCISSUS; ORLANDO SEALE; KATE DAISY GRANT; MOUSTACHE MAN; CENTRAL RESERVATION SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCES FROM: DELIRIUM TREMENS, SOUND OF RUM AND FRAN & JOSH DJ's: CARBO & HYDRATE; DJ REDMAN; BORIS MCNABB; MATT GROSS; DJ ZION BRU FILM & VISUALS: SALLY DUNBAR THE BOOK CLUB BOUTIQUE's SPEAKEASY LOUNGE MENU! SCARFACE! THE AL CAPONE SPECIAL Friday Nights Grand Opening / 7pm - 3am MA BARKER’S SAFE HOUSE Saturday Afternoon's Daylight Robbery / 12pm - 7pm THE JOHN DILLINGER SUITE Saturdays Night Watch / 7pm - 3am DON’T WAKE THE BABY! BABY FACE NELSON’s SUNDAY SESSION The Book Club Boutique's hide out & lay low / 12pm - 7pm BLOW THE SAFE! THE BONNIE & CLYDE GRAND FINALE’ The BCB fifty-bullet bust! All-Star Super Jam / 7pm - midnight THE J EDGAR HOOVER-UP - We Get Busted! Get out of there before the dawn raid! get your documents and mission papers here: see you in the trenches, The General

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