Wednesday 23 February 2011


UNDER THE PIER SALENA GODDEN Come with Salena Godden under the pier “where the magic mushrooms make the sea all blood and ink.” This isn’t deckchairs and knotted handkerchiefs – this is Hastings, “where it’s as cheap as chips / and the bad boys, they crack on / even when the condom rips.” Godden leads you through her scrumpy-soaked teenage years in Bottle Alley to the tumbling, breathless Soho streets, to graveyard snogs and chance meetings with Patti Smith in Saint Michel. Under The Pier is bursting with romanticism and longing, triumphing over a more seedy, sinister undertow. Salena Godden is a legend on the live poetry scene. She is the lyricist and lead singer of underground eclectic ska-break band SaltPeter whose last record was listed as one of the outstanding albums of 2007 by The Independent. “Catch her as she tumbles breathlessly from one dark thought to the next.” The Times “Salena Godden is a tour de force… Rather than perfecting a style, Salena is style. Like most artists of note – there is no one like her.” Lemn Sissay “She is everything the Daily Mail is terrified of.” Kerrang “That’s what women’s emancipation is all about.”John Cooper Clarke “Smart, smutty, sharp, sassy and salacious. I’d hate it if this joy of a poet ever disapiered.” Tim Wells UNDER THE PIER published by NASTY LITTLE PRESS You can order your copy here and now:

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