Wednesday 11 May 2011

Bob Marley. One Love.

The Bob Marley Museum – live!

We visited his house in Kingston
I saw Jamaica’s tranquil
blue mountains
from his bedroom window.

Then they showed us
the bullet holes
in his studio wall
from that
assassination attempt.

We sat in his garden
under Bob's favourite tree
and listened to
Trenchtown Rock.

And Bob Marley sings
Don’t Rock My Boat

Alternative voting - Stir It Up
Osama Bin Laden - I Shot The Sheriff
Syrian forces – Could You Be Loved?

Bob Marley
passed away on May 11
this is what he's singing
One Love
Everything’s gonna be alright…

© 2011. Salena Godden
Written for BBC R4's 'Saturday Live' & broadcast May 7th at 9am

Listen again, hear it alive here:

"The first time I saw Bob Marley perform I was eight years old. But the last time I see him will always be tomorrow." Here's a brilliant article by Jamaican born novelist Colin Channer about the late great Marley: