Friday 6 May 2011

Facebook to delete BCB group page, LIKE our new page!

Hello my darlings, hello to all Boutiquers! How are you? How is your spring springing and your May sunshine? I have strawberries and tomatoes flowering on my little prison window sill. My sugar bums, how i long to see you all again, look you in the eyes and say book club and you'll say... It appears the man in the sky that runs facebook is deleting our group page! This means all of you in our FBook group will be deleted as members too! Plus we'll lose lots of photos etc...Facebook call it 'archiving' i guess we must be seen as political renegades and outlandish rebels and so we are...and so with this news it seemed timely to write you one last missive before we all get our new disguises, fake passports and scatter... If you want to find us of course there is always the website twitter @BookCBoutique and myspace don't delete things of course so find us here: myspace/bookclubboutique innit? love books, booze & boogie-woogie then LOVE our new fbook LIKE page! Please feel free to add your BCB photos and memorabilia there from now on! After hundreds of Soho gigs, charity events, fundraisers, festival shows, erotic gigs, tours, a wedding, book launches and general hellraising The Book Club Boutique has been on a break...its been a mad old time, do you remember the first gigs in Romilly Street, and darling, that cubby hole in Blacks will never be the same! Standon Calling was amazing both years and how beautiful The House Of St Barnabas is...two solid years of non-stop razzle dazzle, a constant flow of the best in publishing, the outsiders, the mainstream, all them writers, those books, the poets, the music, the laughs, the drinkys and the dancing...all so wonderful... Upon our return from our heady tour in Australia, I myself was posted away. I just want to say it was awesome to meet some of you on my little solo book tour through March and April. 'Under The Pier' I'm told is already in its second print run! Also new news: Everyone raise a glass to Lieutenant Xavier Leret who has published an awesome book 'Heaven Sent' to rave reviews and details of that are still up on our page too...while it lasts! We will be back all shiny and new, new venue, new themes, and yes, some funding would be pretty jolly good too now wouldn't it! So i am not sure how i will reach exactly each and everyone of all 3000 of you exactly again??? But i can tell you i am planning something for us all in JUNE in SOHO... can you remember that my sweetpea? JUNE. SOHO. blimey that's only next month! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone on stage and behind the scenes so know who you are and i have your numbers...And huge thanks to all contributors at our latest show down by the seaside! SAVE HASTINGS PIER! Last month we raised over £500 towards the cause! Well done! OK as this group gets sent off into the fbook FBI CIA archives as anti-mental please remember darling, even away from these facetwitspaces i still hold you dear and close to my warm bussoms...boom! boom! sha-boom! boom! boom! SEE YOU IN JUNE! SOHO! yours generally the general sgxxx 'Under The Pier' review came out in this weeks Camden New Journal Read all about it: or pick up free copies of the brilliant CNJ anywhere! Bigthanks to @dancarrier!

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