Friday 22 February 2013

'Springfield Road' and Unbound Books

“I came here to begin a new story, but maybe all my stories begin with this one story – this love story, this ghost story.” Springfield Road

'Springfield Road' to be published by Unbound Books
'Springfield Road' just went live today! 

Just in time for tea, this very afternoon, 
Click here to see our 3-minute film, clips of a reading of the book, peek at a tease sample chapter and peruse the brilliant packages and prizes. 

Please go to unbound books today and help us on our way!  

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Unbound puts the power of publishing in the hands of authors and readers. Authors pitch their book ideas directly to you. If you back a project before it reaches its funding target, you get your name printed in the back of every copy and immediate behind-the-scenes access to the author’s shed.

I've been invited to talk about Springfield Road at 5x15stories ( this Monday February 25th, alongside Iain Sinclair, Sanderson Jones, John Gray and Paul Mason - Its a sell-out show and should be pretty lively. Coming up, you'll find me and these stories at The Word House, Hay-on-Wye, Latitude, Ubud in Bali and various festivals and broadcasts this summer and beyond...
I'll take this opportunity to thank you for all your support in advance.

Thank YOU to UNBOUND Books and to all that continue to keep fighting the good fight! 
Love always, sgxx

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