Wednesday 6 February 2013

"Ding Dong! The Bells Are Gonna Chime!"


Ding Dong! The Bells Are Gonna Chime

On Sunday

we watched the television

there were silver-haired politicians

on the news who looked like

they had long forgotten

the thrill or the rush of blood,

of anything remotely resembling

passion and life and with hearts

as still as graves and eyes

all stone and moss.

They delivered a petition to No.10 against equal marriage.

One ancient war-botherer

told us all at home

that he was against gay people in love

making weddings and making home

and making love love love

And that boiled pink-ham of a

man, he had quite an opinion

i saw his eyebrow twitch

he was that one cave man

that froze to death

denying the invention of f-f-f


He may as well have been signing a petition

demanding the east winds be put in jam jars

to stop any wheel ever turning

to stop corners being so cornery

to make the round peg fit into the square hole

to stop the flowers of change and colour and

light and beauty and love and freedom and choice

ever blossoming.

(c) 2013. Salena Godden.

“Is Control controlled by its need to control? Answer: yes.”
William Burroughs

I was listening to an Equal Marriage debate on BBC LDN  last night
and I heard a man say "Whatever next? Someone marrying their dog?"

Ayes have it! 400-175! The 21st Century arrived in England...
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Bowie and Burroughs. William was born on Feb 5th 1914

I have just one performance to tell you about this winter.  
I always found it difficult to hold a microphone and a pen at the same time.
I'm enjoying keeping a low profile, hiding from bright lights and the fizz and buzz, been writing new radiostuff and bookstuff...But, 5x15 is a wonderful event and so I'll see you here!

 "this is an enormous jigsaw puzzle,
we are all pieces of the same jigsaw puzzle,
some pieces get old, some pieces get worn
and some pieces die, as new pieces are born..."


 "i awoke to a kitchen a chaos of flour and bread making, 
my desk a litter of edits, 
my heart weighed down with dreams of the dead,
who sleep in hammocks in rainclouds." 
salena godden / 2013