Friday 10 July 2015

poem / I'm Gonna Move To Hastings


I’m Gonna Move To Hastings

I’m gonna move to Hastings
pick up where I left off
I’m gonna get drunk every day
with drunks who piss me off,
I’m gonna move to Hastings
become the fancy blow job queen
get a job in a dirty dark pub
with a broken ice machine.

I’m gonna move to Hastings
where it’s two quid for triple house gin
I’ll go mental, crazy eyed
wear no shoes and go through bins,
I’m gonna move to Hastings
sleep with bouncers and not the bands
in the toilets I have fishermen finger me
with tattooed, corn rough hands.

I’m gonna move to Hastings
spend my benefits on the booze
get off with peoples boyfriends
get in cat fights which I’ll lose,
I’m gonna move to Hastings
smoke cheap fags and score shit gear
get bloated on chips and vodka
have weird sex beneath the pier.

I’m gonna move to Hastings
teenage mothers pissing on the street
white stillettos without irony
blistering on their feet,
I’m gonna move to Hastings
where it’s as cheap as chips
and the bad boys, they crack on
even when the condom rips.

I’m gonna move to Hastings
go as low as high can go
we all suck on Hastings rock
it’s the hardest rock I know,
I’m gonna move to Hastings
bed-sit with a vague view of the sea
sign on the sick, save my medication
burn these poems, when they burn me.

(c) Salena Godden / published in 'Fishing In The Aftermath'

Today I'm going home to Hastings to do a show with John Cooper Clarke and Luke Wright.

You'll find last minute tickets for tonight's show: here 

Tickets also available at the Hastings Tourist Information Centre (01424) 451111 

I'm right in the middle of the mayhem of summer festival season now....

All my summertime news is in my UNBOUND SHED HERE

See you here and there! sgxx

July 11: Unbound Books, Cornbury Festival, Oxford

July 14: Inside, L'escargot, Soho

July 18-19: Lovebox, London

July 22: Jawdance, Apples and Snakes, Rich Mix, London

July 31: Ways With Weirds, Port Eliot Festival

August 14-16: Green Gathering, Wales

August 21: Edinburgh International Book Festival 

September 4-6: Festival No.6, Portmerion, Wales

October US tour and road trip: Louisiana, Texas, Nashville, New Orleans...

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