Thursday 25 June 2020

Happy Birthday Poem

Happy Birthday Poem


- written the morning of my 48th birthday

and how can it be

that we are just beginning

and not in the middle

but closer to the start

that we hold such hope and faith

when calamity the bass line

and catastrophe the chorus

that when we wake each morning

we reach not for gun and rum

but pen and heart and time

that the party just got started

like yesterday 

was a dress rehearsal

thank you

the first one was nice

but the next always stronger

and we're not even halfway

and healing is our power

forgiveness is an ocean

and shrinking was an error

and dreaming was a gift

and never giving up

how can it be

we care more now

and love you more than ever

when once death was a space

the end was a destination

and black was not a dress

and sex was not a passport

but learning always sexy

just look at this tattoo we never had

and look at the geography

oh all the places we haven't seen

and all the shoes we never wore

the language unspoken

the science and the nature

the doors that we will open

paintings on the eyelids

this love, this life, my love

how we cannot eat it all

but we stuff our face with laughing

and drink in all the summer

and still stay up too late

and how can it be

we're just getting going

learning to dance

and sing our own tune

that this is just beginning

and change is a constant

and how can it be

that there is more to come

((c) Salena Godden  / June 25th 2020, London, lockdown birthday)

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