Monday 31 January 2022

Mrs Death Misses Death in USA and Canada from Feb 1st 2022

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Happy February! 

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Just writing a quick blog post this morning to share some exciting news - My debut novel Mrs Death Misses Death is published in America and Canada from today, February 1st 2022. If you enjoyed the book, please make sure to tell your friends across the pond that these books are now in bookshops. You can go into an actual Barnes and Noble and ask for my novel. I am so wildly excited about this, this is a first time thing for me. Sending love and thanks to my stateside friends and family!

Here are some links for the US and Canada:



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Salena Godden meets Yrsa Daley-Ward 

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Mrs Death Misses Death is now one year in the world, we launched in January 2021. It has been a roller-coaster ride. Why not collect a full set: the blonde-cream-gold independent bookshop edition, the bold black-gold hardback, the soft cover blue-black paperback and the audio book too. 

I love Gill Heeley’s artwork, it is utterly breathtaking. The book contains that glimmer of hope and this artwork illustrates this so beautifully: a wolf howling in the dark. The gorgeous three editions depict a wolf and a rabbit in the eternal chase of light and dark and life and death. The beautiful end papers all flowers and leaves entwined to define the brambly path of untangling grief and loss and courage and magic and survival. Gill Heeley captures the storm in this books fury and the love in a jam jar and she shares all that weather in these artistic images. Her artwork makes me feel as though we are holding a flower and sticking the stem down the barrel of a gun. I love it! 

These tumultuous 12 months have been such a wild time and I'll never forget any of it. I have no idea how on earth we got here, but I keep on keeping on, we keep on keeping on and on and on and the beat goes on ... Thank you to you, for every review and every single message. Thank you to every book seller and book lover and book blogger. Above all I have so much gratitude for every kindness and every connection I made this year. 

Sincerely, thank you, sgxx

Thanks to all friends and comrades in the #Deathpositivemovement

Thanks to mighty @canongatebooks & @OWNITLDN family

Happy 1st Book Birthday #MrsDeathMissesDeath


Mrs Death Misses Death available now
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Audiobook – read by the author



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