Wednesday 26 January 2022

Mrs Death Misses Death: the paperback launch in photos...


Hello, Hello Hello! 

I just want to make this blog post to thank everyone for such a magical time launching the paperback of Mrs Death Misses Death. As I write this we are a top ten bestseller and displayed in the iconic windows of the flagship branch of Foyles on Charing Cross Road in Central London. We also have signed copies in Waterstones and lots of beautiful indie book stores across London and the UK. 

Support bookshops and go local and seek out a signed copy now. 

The beautiful blue paperback books are here and even more gorgeous in real life. For the next few months I will be out and about touring bookshops to sign books and meet book sellers and book lovers. I have some amazing online festivals and poetry shows, hybrid shows and live shows, radio and podcasts and a myriad of other projects lined up .... I am looking forward to seeing some friendly faces and being back on the road and going to festivals later in the summer. Please scroll down for some highlights, news clippings and amazing photos of the launch of the Mrs Death Misses Death paperback January 2022! 

Oh what a time! Thank you! sgxx 

paperback launches and excitement could not be higher!


Foyles Charing Cross

Are celebrating publication day with a massive Mrs Death Misses Death window! They’ve also chosen it as their paperback pick for their February Book subscription service

Booksellers across the country have been sharing Mrs Death Misses Death as one of their favourite books and key paperbacks for the year . . . this is so exciting! Thank you!

PARTY! We raised a glass and had a beautiful book launch party gig in the pub the Forest Tavern, the very same pub where Wolf lives in the attic and where so much of the book Mrs Death Misses Death is set. It was a dream come true! Truly an amazing moment to read the chapters of Wolf in the pub as the book lives and breathes. Thank you for making me cry with your beautiful speeches from OWN IT! Jason and Crystal and my editor Hannah. Thank you also to our surprise guest Repeat Beat Poet for your powerful poetry and support too. Thank you to every one who could make it and was there in person and thanks also to everyone who was there in spirit! Thanks to Cat and the staff at the wonderful Forest Tavern pub and all those shots! Thank you so much to everyone, family and friends and poets and writers and artists, the amazing team at Canongate, Newham Bookshop and OWN IT! Thank you!

Here's some glorious and raucous party photos by Clancy Gebler-Davis. Thank you Clancy! Love these!

More photos by Charlotte Coney-Beer 
and partying people ... thank you! Xx

some dates for your 2022 diary  

live & online & hybrid events

festivals & parties

bookshops & libraries

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20 Jan – Paperback launch day

25 Jan - FANE online


27 Jan – Printed Matter Bookshop, St Mary's, Hastings


31 Jan – How To Academy with Yrsa Daley Ward


25-27 March – Laugharne Festival, Wales

4 March - Tubthumping, Leeds

6 March - Nutopia, Coventry Cathedral

23 March - Hastings Library

30 March - Wanstead Library


31 March –Boozy Book Club 


29 April – Byline Festival, London


14 June – Crossing The Tees Festival

8-10 July - Also Festival 


13 Aug – Big Little Festival

NEW episodes, coming soon...

Dead Darlings Podcast

Tom Brosseau, The Great American Folk Show

Across the Pond Podcast

Critics Choice Podcast

Little Atoms Podcast

BBC R4 Podcast Radio Hour

Feminist Book Club Paris

You're Gonna Die Podcast

Queer Death Stories 

This intoxicating, life-affirming, fire-starter of a novel published in paperback in the UK on 20 January 2022 with a brand new look and a stunning lapis-blue design and soft-touch cover. We publish MDMD in USA and Canada on February 1st 2022. 

Shortlisted for the Gordon Burn Book Prize, nominated for the People’s Book Prize and included in the Bad Form Books of the Year 2021 and Guardian Best Fiction of 2021

Mrs Death Misses Death available now
Hardback | Paperback | Ebook  
Audiobook – read by the author



Pages of Hackney 

Newham Bookshop


Find MDMD in indie bookshops via


‘Dead funny . . . a beguiling book and one which is almost too easy to devour. Godden’s background as a poet shines through as she crafts the lyrical verse for Mrs Death to evoke an ancient aura befitting the sage, mysterious figure . . . Godden strikes the perfect balance between humour and effective insights into grief, trauma, living, and dying . . . an irresistible novel which speaks equally to the act of living as it does to the inevitability of dying’ 



‘A fascinating use of true crime and shines a light on social injustices’ 



‘A genre-defying debut’ 

Irish Independent


‘Unusual and thought-provoking’ 

Daily Mirror 


‘A book with characters that are . . . poetic, beautiful, unusual and sometimes very funny’ 

The National 


‘An original, exuberant novel . . . truly one of a kind – don’t miss it’ 

The Bookseller – Editor’s Choice


‘So different, so powerful, so fabulous that I’m experiencing reading elation after finishing it . . . this is a recognisable yet totally unique take on death. . . . My feelings span from humour to heartbreak, from darkness to light, and all the while the story flows with strength and beauty . . . Celebrating life and opening up questions on how we view death, Mrs Death Misses Death is a wake-up call of a book that I will be recommending far and wide’ 



‘A moving reflection on loss and the future of humanity’ 

Scots Magazine 


Mrs Death Misses Death is remarkable in terms of both writing style and content. Godden writes with a light touch that makes each chapter easy to devour. Written with such skill, and melding of poetry and prose, it is highly doubtful if a review will ever come close to capturing the beauty of the text or the sharp, wicked humour’ 


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