Tuesday 9 August 2011


 "If you are old enough to commit these crimes, you are old enough to face the consequences."
said Cameron returning from holiday to speak for the first time on the London riots today. 

London Riots

i didn't want to open my curtains this morning
to see black smoke and a charred city
broken glass and blood-stained pavements
burned-out buses and bins
to hear helicopters like wasps this August.

i didn't want to open my lap top this morning
to read misinformation and ill-informed twats,
fear spread thick like soft butter on burnt toast
ignorance the sticky bitter marmalade on top.

I didn't want to open newspapers this morning
revealing pictures of a war-zone that I call my London,
the stupidity of violence and the daily hate.

I didn't want to open my attachments this morning
to see such vile footage -
a victim being robbed, whilst bleeding on the road
they pretended to help him, whilst going through his backpack

But, I did want to open my eyes to see
that London spirit rising this morning,
some gallows humour
but a sense of mucking in
communities gathering.

I hope these events open a forum for honest debate
I do believe that truth will out.

And we all know that the real criminality is ongoing
in the bad neighbourhood's
of Downing Street and Parliament
and the buck stops there.

It took less than 8hrs for the general public to organise a clean-up operation,
Yet it took 4 days for the Prime Minister of this country to utter one word.
The emergency teams, fire brigade, ambulance, these are our heroes.
The Turkish shopkeepers protecting Dalston...brilliant.

And if this was a movie something really good happens next:
a celestial ray of light,
a moment of still clarity,
the cogs of change turn,
from the dark one voice of reason..

Don't feed fear and spread ignorance.
Peace is the way and the solution.
We lead by shining example,
Spread the word,
the word is love

and i love London

(c) Salena Godden. 2011.

Some positivity / helpful links:

http://www.riotcleanup.com/ - http://catchalooter.tumblr.com/ - http://londonrioters.co.uk/ #riotcleanup #riotwombles

If you're disabled & close to riot areas pls use #disabledriothelp for emotional support from other tweeps

You can help!#riotcleanup #londonriots
by donating bedding / clothes to Apex House, 820 Seven Sisters Road, London N15 5PQ.


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