Sunday 21 August 2011

"A Valentine At Waterloo" - Meet us in Soho in 2058

UPDATE: September 2nd 2011

We got 'Pick Of The Week' BBC R4 - Ian McMillan reviews 'A Valentine at Waterloo' and gave 'Verse Illustrated' a big thumbs up!
Found the link, Ian plays clip at about 5 mins in...


Listen: Wednesday, 23:00 on BBC RADIO 4 & Podcast FREE thereafter

In the third of the new series of illustrated poems, get in your time machines and set your GPS Sat Nav for Sohemia, The French House on the Old Compton Street River in 2058.

'A Valentine at Waterloo' written and performed by Salena Godden

An Orwellian post-apocalyptic vision of our sexual and hedonist future:

"The best show in England-Town, they have real flying femen, ladybirds and buttflies, cock-a-tails and flickbeans, hermaids and mermaids, 8-breasted gooligans, whippers, flippers and strippers-to-go-go, the finest black market moon juice in the whole of downtown Soho..."

Then you'll be transported presently and safely back to 2011 with 'A Hell of a Week' written and performed by the wonderful Scroobius Pip. This should be 'one of the biggest solo spoken word shows ever to be recorded', exclusively for Radio 4. But where exactly is Scroobius Pip...?

Actors: Carl Prekopp, Peter Polycarpou and Jonathan Forbes.

Directed by James Robinson.


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