Sunday 22 January 2012

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mirror fish, slippery, mercury quick

sharp as a blade, gone in a click

drawn by the heat, when two people meet

soon as you fall in love, they get fishy cold feet

look behind the mirror - there is no-one at all

whats behind a mirror? nothing but a brick wall 

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Have any of you seen these terrific animated poems on the London Underground yet? Makes January all the brighter! The films are on display across 60 digital screens on the London Underground every morning (7am-10am) and evening (4pm -7pm) Tube stations include: Angel, Camden Town, Oxford Circus, Bond Street, Charing Cross, Covent Garden, Knightsbridge, Paddington, Euston, Piccadilly Circus, Victoria and Waterloo. The schedule of films can be found at www. 



with Sir Ken Robinson, Saturday Live, BBC Radio 4

Mirror Fish

the mirror fish is a slippery guest
your first impression you must not second guess

mirror fish are just your reflection to view
your perception, a deception, that’s projected by you

you gawk like narcsissus on the vision so clear
the fish stares straight back, its disarming and queer

slippery, silver and mercury quick
as sharp as a blade and then gone in a click

the mirror fish is clever and will steal your heart
leaving you wanting much more, than you did from the start

drawn by the heat when two people meet
and as soon as you’ve fallen in love they get fishy cold feet

and so neatly the mirror fish slips in, by such clever disguise
reflecting the you inside you, by gazing in through your eyes

and if you look behind the mirror there is no-one at all
for what is behind a mirror? nothing but a brick wall

© 2012. Salena Godden

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