Wednesday 18 April 2012

#LBF12: "My Thoroughly Modern Poem" Plus NEW Podcasts

 Here's the Shizzle! Zoom-Zoom! Sha-Boom!

Lots of lovely news, pics and links to shower you with this April
 Firstly and most importantly I managed to escape London to do some Skying

Turner skies and Orwell Country and lots of Aspalls cider
this was my favourite springtime sky, captured in Suffolk this Easter.

Last weekend we were working on a programme for BBC Radio 4 
we went to the Narrating The Caribbean Nation Conference in Leeds.

It was an inspiring weekend, great readers and speakers...
there are too many highlights to mention but massive thank yous to
Kwame Dawes, Khadijah Ibrahim, Dorothea Smartt and Jeremy Poynting

Narrating The Caribbean Nation: Dorothea Smartt and Sam Elmi

Yesterday I was at the London Book Fair 2012 
"Has Anyone Spoken To The Author?"
writers talking about books and technology and publishing...
and laughter about turning the internet OFF... 
to get some actual real writing done!!!
Thanks for the invite John Mitchinson check out: UNBOUND BOOKS

LONDON BOOK FAIR: John Mitchinson, Nick Haraway, Ilana Fox, Robert Llewellyn, Salena Godden

"The days of drinking ink and lolling about in a frilly shirt are over..."

LONDON BOOK FAIR: Robert Llewellyn, Salena Godden

Then I had to scoot across town to the BBC to see Colin Grant

And then we all had a talk about books and technology and publishing too 
and it was recorded live on air for CLICK on the BBC World Service

my thoroughly modern poem

I'm taking away the paper
I'm throwing away my pen
I'm forbidding longhand
and I'll start this poem again

I'll edit it on my iPad
Bluetooth it to my phone
back it up on my hard drive
a Facebook 'like' page of its own 

My thoroughly modern poem
will be hashtag # electronic
I'll flog it and I'll blog it
and retweet it something chronic

No quill and no ink well
no frilly shirt for me
My thoroughly modern poem
will go viral before tea

My thoroughly modern poem 
will be like the Kubla Kahn
just like Coleridge but on youtube
but there's no electricity or signal in my barn

(and there's no solar powered e-reader either...)

No pressure, this poem written for fun ten minutes before we went on air! 


Recording 'CLICK' BBC World Service: Bill Thompson, Rosemary Hudson, Gareth Mitchell, Dan Franklyn, Salena Godden

Next gig: heading to Wales on April 25th to speak at DoLectures




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Lets end with some more skying in Suffolk...Perfect!