Friday 1 June 2012

Everyday is today!

 hello my friends
today is everyday, 
we are launching our first collaboration of words, music and animation, 
and you are the people we hope to share it with
please follow the youtube or vimeo links below
i really hope you enjoy these 3minutes we made 
and also the rising June full moon, 
this months moon is the 'strawberry moon' or the 'rose moon' 
and I'll be performing at Meadowlands Festival
 see you there! And have a glorious rosy fruity moonlit weekend, 
junebug jubilees, mint julips and a rum rhumboogie 

Released Today: Friday June 1st 2012

 'EVERYDAY' - a slice of collaborative joy

Music by SaltPeter and Animation by Kevin Richards

'Everyday' single is also available on i-tunes from today

 watch on youtube OR watch on vimeo

Listen here:

 Listen here:

 Twitter: @BookCBoutique / @salenagodden / @wearesaltpeter

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