Monday 2 July 2012

Light is my loves July

From Sussex cricket whites and coast
to Kentish greens and geese and oast, 
this countryside I adore my home, 
this garden that I call my own, 
Tunbridge Wells to Paddock Wood, 
Orpington grey, misunderstood, 
this piece of track I know too well, 
as though my feet were made of train... 
Waterloo, busty bridge of ours, 
the tennis-girl shivers in Wimbledon showers, 
oh London, lets have a gin and pass the hours, 
light is my loves July...


Well, hello July,  you are entirely made of festivals and gigs,
July, you are one hot little madam of a month...

thank you for all lovely birthday wishes, 
it was the happiest week of joys ever
thank you ;-D


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