Saturday 18 August 2012

Coming up: From Jameson to Voewood, to Tongue Fu and Jamaica

Aug 23rd: Jameson Presents...
Aug 24th-27th:Voewood Festival
Aug 20th: Tongue Fu Flicks
Sept 8th: Nowhereisland
Sept 10th: Stir It Up // Jamaica 50
please read on ;-)

Click here: Its The Arts Garden Party of The Year...

 New release / One to watch: 'Tongue Fu Flicks' Coming soon! featuring Scroobius Pip, Salena Godden, Chris Redmond, Kate Tempest, Shane Solanki, Zena Edwards, Tongue Fu band, animations by CR&D and lots more... 
CLICK here for the tongue fu flick tasty teaser trailer!
AND Liminal Animal Tongue Fu anthology 
Click here to the Tongue Fu fbook page

 gig / September 8th: 'Last Days of Nowhereisland'
Bristol, Sept.7th - 9th
Look forward to seeing you there Bristol crew!


We have a date!

Jamaican Writers & Poets 

'Stir It Up' on BBC Radio4
September 10th 


To mark 50 years of Jamaican independence, author, poet and performer Salena Godden considers the impact of her Jamaican heritage on her literary identity. Salena will take us on a personal journey exploring the rich and varied body of work created by her literary contemporaries. She will speak to some of the ‘now generation’ of Jamaican writing, many of whom reside in the UK, and examine how Real Jamaica features in their writing, both as a physical and imaginary location - their relationship with home. Among others we’ll meet celebrated dub poet Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze and author and poet Professor Kwame Dawes. Its a celebration of the poetic heart of Jamaica and a salute to Miss Lou, Bob Marley’s lyrical legacy and more...This programme will feature new poetry and excerpts of Salena Godden's book 'Springfield Road' adapted for BBC Radio 4.

  "I remember when we used to sit In the government yard in Trenchtown And then Georgie would make the fire light
Log wood burnin' through the night Then we would cook corn meal porridge Of which I'll share with you..."
Last but not least I've been enjoying recording the latest Bookslam podcasts, 
co-hosting with Elliott Jack, please do have a listen here:
see you here, there and everywhere
have a lovely august!
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top tunes!

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