Thursday 26 September 2013

'A Strong And Stiffly Worded Letter Should Do The Trick'

Dear war makers and war takers
Twitchy button pushers and mushroom cloud worshippers
Bomb botherers and gun polishers
Chemical weapon wielders and coup-cooers
Battle cry criers and army gatherers
Bullet loaders and knife sharpeners
Death collators, chief whips and spins and
Dear kings and dear lords and dear right honourables
To all the Dear Mr Presidents
And Dear Mr Prime ministers -
Thank you for taking some time to read this letter
I am writing to make a small request –
Please could you all just take a fucking day off
Go to the park, feed the ducks, read a book
Take a break and put down your war stirring spoons
Shush with your fighting talk
Stop with your itchy button pushy fingers
Quit being so trigger happy
Give your eye-for-an-eye campaign a rest
Just take some time out –
Do your laundry, water your plants, visit your mother
Pull a sickie, have a duvet day
Watch a whole season of Breaking Bad
But just stop.

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