Monday 23 September 2013

Autumn Equinox

Hello, how are you all? Here’s a little ditty I wrote last Sunday, whilst feeling the first damp chills of autumn and baking an apple and plum pie. Thanks for visiting this page, please scroll down for links to gigs and books and Springfield Road , Wishing you all a Happy Autumn Equinox - Lets go conkering!

Autumn Equinox
I hear the gentle padding of a fox
Old tomatoes sigh in my window box
I watch the swallows gather in flocks
The death of summer, Autumn equinox
 There’s a morning fog over Camden’s locks
Buy your woollen tights and thick boot socks
Soon time to turn back the clocks
The end of light, Autumn equinox
Pack away those summer frocks
I hear the death watch beetle knocks
Harvest moon, tide, crashes to the rocks
 Light the first fire, come close my love, its Autumn equinox.

(c) 2013. Salena Godden

Autumn Events and Festivals

Salena’s latest project, a memoir called Springfield Road, is being funded and produced by Unbound, an organisation that puts the power of publishing in the hands of the authors and readers. You can see a short film and read her crowd funding pitch here 
Discover the Springfield Road crowd funding journey on #tumblr here 
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Kit Carless, Influx Press  
"I was disappointed to leave, aware that perhaps the ‘drinking town with a fishing problem’ was about to come alive at night and reveal itself to me. The deadbeat transformed into a hedonistic quest for liquored enlightenment – or perhaps I’ve just read too much of Salena’s work. Salena’s fictional Hastings is a seductive place and her writing is so powerful that her version of Hastings is now my version of Hastings.” Read more here