Wednesday 4 December 2013

Poem / How Does A Blind Person Cross The Road


How many cars make a traffic jam?
How much noise? How much pollution?
How does a blind person cross the road?
How can we find a solution?

How many MP’s does it take to change a light bulb?
How many benefits slashed and cut?
How come the privileged continue to thrive?
How long the waiting list now the hospitals shut?

How long is a piece of string?
How come you know why the caged bird sings?
How long until we finally hear
the bells of equality ring?

How much free speech is taken for granted?
How can we hear the small voices?
How does a blind person cross the road
 - If the blind person has no choices?

How does the light get in?
How do you measure isolation in there?
How important is a sense of independence?
How important are the carers? How vital the care?

How many signatures have to sign the petitions?
How many press releases, updates and tweets?
How can we  raise more awareness?
How can we make safer these streets?

How the spinners spin keeps spinning and
How does the left hand not know the right?
How can you walk past and do nothing?
How do you sleep well at night?

How would you like to be treated?
How can we all ignite the fuse?
How come the disabled, sick, poor and elderly
Are the ones who suffer cut backs and lose?

How can you shut the door when there are no walls?
How can we educate? How can we unite?
How can we combat greed, apathy and ignorance?
How do we fight the good fight?

How come everyone isn’t treated equally?
How come we can’t enrich and enable all life?
How do actions speak louder than words?
How do your words cut like a knife?

I believe we can find the truth and the answers -
And we’ll reap all the seeds that we sowed
But lets start by asking one question -
How does a blind person cross the road?

© Salena Godden / 2013
Read at The House of Lords - December 3rd 2013 
The United Nations 21st Annual International Day of Disabled People.
Written in support of the House of Lords premier of 'The Sea of Change' film, asking the question "How Does A Blind Person Cross The Road?" Find out more about the film by watching this short trailer on youtube:

Last night as I left The House Of Lords I listened to Big Ben strike 6pm. I was so inspired by the afternoon, by the lively debate and the excellent people I met, most of all the wonderful Sarah Gayton who organised this event and the campaign. So I came straight home and made a new 3minute sound-garden-radio-picture